Style of cooking in Jamaica

Jamaica has a rich and varied culinary culture that is influenced by many different influences.
Popular styles of cooking in Jamaica include Jamaican jerk, a spicy and flavorful style of cooking that often done on the grill and includes these seasonings like allspice, scotch bonnet peppers, and other seasonings;

Curried dishes; and Stews, most made with traditional ingredients like chicken , Goat and Beef and paired with Rice, Yams, Plantains. Pumpkin, Breadfruit and Potatoes. Lots of fresh herbs and spices are also used in Jamaican cooking such as thyme , onions, Escallion, ginger, and coconut milk

Seafood, such as different variety of fish is also popular, as are dishes made with tropical fruits, like mangoes and papayas.
No matter what style of cooking is used, it is sure to be full of flavor and delicious! My opinion is : Jamaican food remains one of the best foods in the Caribbean.

Chris McLaughlin
Chris McLaughlin
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