How to make delicious foods in the kitchen?

Welcome to mi hungry blog, this blog is designed to teach,  educate,  and give great tips and tricks while in the kitchen.  This  blog will help you to understand the history of Jamaican food the global heritage, tips that you can use in your kitchen to make cooking easy, while make delicious, healthy and good foods.

Being from Jamaica in the countryside in the 70s we navigated in our kitchen much different than we do today.  Back in those days we learn to cook in kitchen alongside grandma,  cookbook and rarely a cooking show on TV.  The kitchen was not equipped with all the components such as kitchens are today with appliances,  kitchen aid,  kitchen gadgets such as electric stoves, refrigerator and electric equipment. More in the blog will show pictures and explain in details the best ways that we navigated the kitchen in those days. 

Today being in our kitchen things are easier and smoother or not been in the kitchen at all with fast food so readily  available.  The cakes are out of a box, or other things are out of cans, freezer bags and  the kitchen is fully equipped with things to make cooking easy we have bread maker,  kitchenware,  gadgets,  the internet cooking blogs, youtube, and all social media has  beautiful food recipes,  food pictures which is always tempting our taste buds.

 This blog stems from me (Auntie Chris) been from Jamaica.  I will be blogging about food from the island and USA  culture . The name of the blog was stem from me as child ..ask my grandmother for food saying “mi hungry”.   I have learned lots from my grandmother she always prepared fresh meals as we were in the country and lived on a farm. 

I am launching the blog to help and share skills and knowledge experiences that I have developed over the years.  As the owner of my own Jerk Sauce on the market this blogs will incorporate lots of recipes that use the jerk sauce in most dishes which is one of Jamaican most popular dishes.  Will tell you more about the history behind jerk and what style of cooking it is.

Jamaica food consists of a global heritage combination of taste and spices.  For example our curry dish was inherited from India, beans and Rice came from the Spanish,  our yams, potatoes and green banana from the African countries.

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