Stainless Steel Garlic Press

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The press can simultaneously press garlic, shallot and ginger. Thanks to the heavy-duty structure and ergonomic design, you can easily chop peeled garlic cloves and peeled ginger. Crush the garlic, leave the ash in the garlic press, sweep out the garlic, and rinse it directly with water without leaving excess garbage.

The innovative garlic press uses the natural movement of the hand to chop the garlic and crush the garlic, ginger, cloves, onions, etc. in a short time.

The comfortable handle is very suitable for your hands, even people with a weak grip or small hands can easily hold and fully control.

High-quality stainless steel, thick and durable, good rust resistance and high hardness.

 The holes are uniform and fine. Squeeze the garlic within a few seconds, the particles are even.


  • NEW Design Garlic Press – garlic press is made from 100%  stainless steel. It is the perfect size and weight, with a length just 3.94″, a width of 2.75″ and weight only 

  • EASY TO USE – Garlic Press with ergonomically designed in stainless steel, for quick and powerful processing with minimal effort, Simply place on top of garlic clove and rock back and forth, you can crush cloves or ginger with ease in seconds .

  • EASY CLEAN UP AND STORE – Simply rinse under running water or run through using brush to remove residue,   dishwasher safe. Garlic is collected on the surface of the rocking garlic press. Compact size, portable and easy to store.

  • GREAT VALUE – It comes with a silicone garlic peeler. Just pop some garlic in you’ll be peeling your garlic without fear of getting any stink under your nails. 


Product name: Garlic Press

Material: 430 stainless steel

Size: 10*5.2*6.5cm

Weight: 110 G

5 reviews for Stainless Steel Garlic Press

  1. James B.

    Works really well. You can even mash your cloves of garlic and rest the press to the side for a min until you’re ready to scrape them off. I like it

  2. Mary R Moses

    This is definitely “theeee” best garlic press I have ever worked with in my life. I’ve been around the sun 75 times and this press is absolutely the best. Easy to use and to clean. Kudos to designer and manufacturer.

  3. Christina Dunigan

    I bought this garlic press as a gift for my granddaughter, who is in culinary school. It works like a charm. My standard garlic press always winds up with a wad of squashed garlic inside that I have to pry out with a knife tip, but with this you get every bit of garlic goodness. The peeler keeps the garlic smell off your hands.

  4. Linda Corrao

    This product was very easy to use and clean. I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Ronald L Barth

    Very easy to use and clean. It does take a bit of pressure to use and you do need to use the included brush to clean it but I’ve used it several times now without any issue. Would definitely recommend!

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