Vegetables Spiral Knife


Description :

Take the cooking experience to another level with the help of Vegetable Spiral Knife by preparing amazing and natural products with it. It is brand new and made from high-quality stainless steel. Easy and quick to use making it worth a product to have in your kitchen store.

Features :

  • Eradicate the upper and bottom of the fruit or vegetable to make it like a prop shape, then lump the tip of the Pulp Wave in the internal, and moderately twist it in one direction as the loop knife-edge drives deeper. Lastly, when it pierces the twisting pulp is made, and you can either drive it out or cut the fruit skin and take it.
  • Stop chucking away the most nourishing parts of your fruits and vegetables, and learn to use their rinds for generating delightful, entertaining and inventive recipes.
  • This multifunctional twisting blade is finished from top-quality, strong stainless steel, certain to last for many years irrespective of rigorous day-to-day use
  • An open-blade style that makes it phantastic easy to formulate vegetables such as cucumber and potatoes for frittatas, curly fries, and more.
  • Easy to use light in holding and also doesn’t require battery or electric source making it a great addition to the kitchen accessories.


 Material:  ABS+Stainless Steel

 Size: 16cm

Color: silver+ red


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